If Megan Thee Stallion being snubbed by the Grammys wasn’t enough to put a damper on her week, then the proverbial cherry has been rumors that she’s secretly dating Khloé Kardashian's messy ex Tristan Thompson.

Meg learned of the new gossip on Wednesday, when whispers were circulating that Thompson had allegedly invited her to his Cleveland Cavaliers game in New York City, HotNewHipHop reports.

The Houston rapper took to Twitter to swiftly shut down the rumors, writing that, “they literally made up a whole LIE I was at knicks game with my manager and my friend Ej.” She added, “If I ain’t claiming him he ain’t mine ...SIMPLE.”

She also shut down rumors that she was dating Trey Songz after she was seen hanging out with him for his birthday on Wednesday night.

Earlier this year, Songz tried shooting his shot at Meg, tweeting, “Big Ol Freak make me wanna knock the stallion head off for the culture.”

She later responded, writing, “Somebody tell Trigga he can’t handle me.”

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