Bhad Bhabie finally got caught outside. 

Video has surfaced of the rapper getting into a scuffle with Instagram personality-turned-recording artist, Woah Vicky on Wednesday morning. The fight appears to have taken place in a recording studio. From the footage, it appears that Woah Vicky had the upper-hand during the altercation. ""Is this hoe crazy?" Bhabie can be heard saying in the video. "Now you won't even let me get to you? You crazy bitch!" Bhabie adds.

Bhad Bhabie talked about it not being a fair fight on her Instagram story. "Why don't you just pull up with no dudes... nobody holding nobody back," Bhabie wrote before claiming that she came out of the fight unscathed. "Dude in the grey was holding me that's why she was able to get on top of me," Bhabie continued. "You can literally see my hand going into her face while she was on top of me. She would not get up and fight for real it was a whole bunch of dudes pulling and pushing y'all only seen clips of the video."

This isn't the first time the two have had a hostile encounter. In April of last year, Bhabie confronted Vicky and challenged her to a fight. Bhabie eventually threw a punch at Vicky before the two were split up by their respective teams. Bhabie's problem with Woah Vicky stems from her condemning the personality's "Ching Chong" single. Bhabie deemed the song racists, which led to a recorded FaceTime argument in Oct. of 2018.

While some fans are engaged in their beef, other people are convinced that both altercations were orchestrated in an attempt to further their fame and clout.


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