Arguably the thing most worth discussing about Kanye West's Jesus Is King is the on-track reunion of Pusha-T and No Malice, i.e. Clipse.

The profanity-free (and seemingly unfinished?) album brings the two back together on the song "Use This Gospel," which arrives nearly 10 years after Clipse's final album Til the Casket Drops. In a release day interview with Vulture, King Push reflected on how it felt to be back in a creative space with No Malice and how their relationship helped him push harder during the writing process.

"I'm the younger brother, man. I mean, I'm happier than—I can't even express it!" he said.

Talking further of a reunion that once seemed highly unlikely, Pusha said the theme of West's God-y new album "totally speaks to" where Malice is at in his life.

"Him and Kanye definitely bonded, probably way more than me and Ye bonded in the creation of this," he said, noting that "there's nothing like having a true warrior by your side."

As for the sessions themselves, Pusha credited Malice with helping the "Olympic-level festival" come together in a way pleasing to all involved parties.

"Just having that scrutiny [is important]," he said. "It's a scrutiny that he doesn't hesitate with, because he's my older brother."

Push also came through on Friday with a new feature on the Godfather of Harlem soundtrack, joining Swizz Beatz on the track "No Patience."