Before the release of his new album Behind These Scars, New York rapper Casanova opened up about his experiences with the controversial 6ix9ine. In recent interviews, Casanova has expressed how abandoned he felt by the music industry following his incident with 6ix9ine at the Barclays Center. He also explained that there's no hard feelings between them, and that he doesn't resent him for testifying against the Nine Trey Bloods.

In a new interview with Ebro on Beats 1, Casanova doubled down on his thoughts and wished the best for 6ix9ine going forward. "When you in the feds, and you go left, you gotta tell them everything you ever did in your life that’s a crime," he explained to Ebro. "That’s called a debriefing. They debriefed him. I don’t care what he did, or what he tend to do. He can’t tell on me because the whole world knows what happened to us."

He continued, "I’m not gonna kick him while he’s down, because everybody in this fucking industry left me for dead. They was fucking with him. Everybody. If you go back to your shit, you still got like 10,000 Ls on your fucking shit." Despite their past, he insisted, "I wish him the best. I wish everybody the best. I’m in my zone, I’m speaking about my scars, he’s gonna have to speak about his." 

During the chat he also spoke about what it felt like to witness DMX record a song that's about to drop soon. "That is the best shit ever in the world," he said. "He’s a fucking GOAT and I love it. He made me bust my ass trying to keep up with him. He’s a different type of animal. I was in the presence of greatness. When you feel your music like that? I ain’t even no rapper man. It’s just dope man."

Watch his interview with Ebro above.