Vic Mensa has been vocal about his opposition to Trump's anti-immigration policies. This led the rapper to orchestrate an impromptu pop-up performance with his punk side project, 93PUNX, at the ICE headquarters in Los Angeles. 

Mensa announced his free "Fuck ICE! For Da Kids!" performance last week on Instagram.

The concert was set to take place on Monday at 2 p.m. local time and Mensa arrived on schedule, blocking traffic with a pick-up truck. 93PUNX started off the show with their anti-ICE single, "Camp America," which they performed from the truck's bed. Close to 100 fans showed up to the concert which lasted for nearly 40 minutes before it was shut down.

Although it's likely that the show only lasted this long because the headquarters were closed in observation of Labor Day, Mensa was extremely proud of the performance. 

"Definitely a victory," Mensa said when asked how he felt the show went. He then went on to share his thoughts on the current status of American politics. "What's going on in this nation is fucking ridiculous," the rapper continued. "Everyone knows it. Lives are being put up for sale and the treatment of human beings is absolutely unacceptable. So that's why we wanted to do shit like this. Pull up outside of the building where their making decisions to incarcerate kids and say 'fuck that.'"

This performance follows a similar demonstration Mensa and 93PUNX did in San Diego. That prompted TMZ to ask if he plans on doing the protests in other states where ICE has a stronghold on the immigrant population.

"Yeah, we might pull around to other states. We might take it on tour," Mensa said. "The 'Fuck ICE Tour.'"