Rappers are known for making outlandish bets with each other. During his conversation with DaBaby, Nick Cannon takes things to another level by challenging the rapper to a high stakes game of Connect Four. 

The clip starts off with the two sharing their fondness for the game. This leads Cannon to reach into his backpack to put a $1,000 on the table. Never one the back down from a challenge, DaBaby signals for his book bag and pulls out his personal Bank of America deposit pouch. He then counts out ten $100 bills on the table to match Cannon's stack. At this point, the two are now engaged in a $2,000 game of Connect Four. 

DaBaby takes the yellow pieces while Cannon holds the red chips. DaBaby goes first, implementing an interesting strategy that tries to bait Cannon away from the center of the board. Yet, Cannon stands his ground. He is able to counter all of the DaBaby's moves and advances while also securing four diagonal red pieces in a row. DaBaby held up on his end the deal and left the cash on the table for Cannon to collect. 

"I know I shouldn't have smoked that blunt before I came up here," DaBaby said during post-match comments. "I should've saw that."

That blunder was probably almost as frustrating as Siri mispronouncing his stage name.

Although Cannon took that win, it's likely that DaBaby will be seeing a lot of Ws in his future. On Tuesday, the rapper announced that his highly anticipated project, Kirk, will drop this Friday. DaBaby kicked off Kirk's rollout with the project's lead single "Intro." The tape will boast features from Chance The Rapper, Kevin Gates, the Migos, and more.

You can watch his interview with Cannon, where they talk about the project, the passing of his father, and more, below.