Early Thursday, Tyler, the Creator told fans he was on American Airlines' "no fly terrorist list." In the same tweet, he also assisted this statement with an emoji and a quick inquiry of "What the hell did I do?"

Within hours, the official American Airlines account had responded to the tweet and requested that Tyler join them in the DM's. Meanwhile, others floated some theories as to how Tyler's alleged list placement may have come about:

An American Airlines rep later denied the central claim of Tyler's tweet in a statement to The Fader, claiming instead that Tyler was traveling via one of their flights on Thursday.

"American does not have a terrorism watch list," the rep said. "That list is controlled by the FBI. But since Tyler, The Creator, is flying with us today and is currently on one of our flights, the tweet is not accurate."

Tyler is currently on the road for his IGOR Tour, with the next stop slated for the Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this month, he made his grand return to London after a ban-inspired four years away. Fittingly, a "Fuck Theresa May!" chant broke out during the first of three Brixton Academy shows.

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