Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, 6ix9ine's former manager, admitted he once shot five people in one night for Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones. As Matthew Russell Lee⁠—who has been present for the entire Nine Trey Bloods trial so far⁠—reports, Shotti made the admission in an audio clip played in court.

He reportedly followed the admission by saying, "I earned my stripes." The clip also saw Shotti tell 6ix9ine, "We got to kill somebody, I drive around with a semi-automatic rifle." The audio came from 6ix9ine's former driver Jorge Rivera, who was robbed at the same time as 6ix9ine during an alleged kidnapping by Shotti and his associates. Rivera had been picked up on immigration charges and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

Mel Murda is the alleged godfather of the Nine Trey Bloods lineup known as "Murderville." 

The possibility of 6ix9ine entering the United States Federal Witness Protection Program has been brought up a few times, but sources close to the rapper indicated that he plans to "forgo any participation." Instead, he is allegedly planning to continue his music career when he's free. 

Complex recently spoke with a former participant in the Witness Protection Program, to gain insight into what 6ix9nine might be facing. "My strong recommendation for 6ix9ine as a human being would be to temporarily forsake whatever dollars and cents he's looking at and take advantage of implementing a protective service for a witness," ex-Mexican Mafia hitman Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza said. "Is it worth exposing yourself and getting whacked for a few dollars over your personal safety?"