Rapsody is known for her lyricism and songs with a message. So when she stopped by The Breakfast Club, the Roc Nation artist decided to share her thoughts on JAY-Z's new partnership with the NFL. 

"I think it's dope," Rapsody said around the interview's 32-minute mark. "I think it's a great move because you got to make change from the inside."

While his partnership with the NFL raised eyebrows, Hov added fuel to the fire when he told the media that athletes should be "past kneeling" when it comes to addressing social issues. This comment received backlash from NFL players, Kenny Stills and Eric Reid, who have supported Kaepernick since the beginning of the protests.

But during her response, Rapsody tried to add context to Jigga's statement. 

"[JAY-Z] said it perfectly," she continued. "If the issue why we were kneeling was to bring awareness to these issues than that's exactly what's happening. It's not about the kneeling... It's not about Kaepernick either. Kaepernick wanted to bring awareness but it's bigger than that. And if you're going to get Kaepernick in there's no better way than having JAY-Z sit at the table and figure this thing out."

Outside of the drama surrounding JAY-Z's new deal, Rapsody also spoke about another key figure that was instrumental in jump-starting her career. At close to the interview's 36-minute mark, the rapper claims that Mac Miller was the first of her peers to truly recognize her talent. 

"Mac Miller was the very first of my peers to give me a verse," Rapsody explains. "At this time, this is Mac Miller where every video he's putting up is getting 10 million views. So he gave me my very first verse as a peer, he got in a video with me—and I'm putting out my first mixtape, he had no reason to do this—but he came down to the studio to work with [9th Wonder] and he listened to my first mixtape... he called three days later and said '9th, I wanna take Rapsody on tour with me.'"

From there, Rap says, she was able to gain a new fanbase who were also Mac Miller fans. She says some of them still tweet about "Extra Extra" to her.

You can watch the full interview above.