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Rick Ross had continually teased "Maybach Music VI" in the lead-up to Port of Miami 2, indicating that he would bring former foes Lil Wayne and Pusha-T together on the track. When the song finally made its way out, Pusha's verse was notably absent. While his verse was, in fact, cleared before the song was released, Rozay recently explained he didn't think the timing was right and he wanted to bring them together more organically. 

While Pusha didn't specifically mention the specific verse by name when he called in for the most recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, he did allude to why he possibly took shots with his unreleased verse on the track. "Why did you do that to this verse that's not out," Budden asked him at 45 minutes into the episode. "That's what we in it for man, we here to rap, bro," he replied. 

"We all have to do what we do best, the next guy gotta do what he does best," he continued. "At this stage of my career, you know, I mean... hey man, hey," he joked.

On the verse, which has since surfaced online, Pusha rapped, "What a hell of a year, true colors expose/Crowns on these clowns, it's like you colored they nose." He hasn't clarified whether these lines are a reference to Drake, who he famously beefed with last year. "Sit back and let 'em draw they own conclusions/A picture's worth a thousand words, Mr. Houston/You wonder why cocaine's up in every song?/When music failed, cocaine righted every wrong."

Keeping things typically vague, Pusha refused to explain the unreleased verse further. "He said so much right now without saying a word," Budden concluded. 

Rozay said that the song was all set to go until he personally had a change of heart about the collaboration. "What's so dope about it is that both verses were cleared from both parties, but like I said, it was more about the bigger picture," he said. "Is this gonna move them two getting together closer? I'mma take the charge for that. I didn't feel like this was the time for that."