As we all found out overnight, Pusha-T's "Maybach Music VI" verse didn't make the final cut of the Port of Miami 2 track featuring Lil Wayne.

In a new interview with Hot 97, Rick Ross has addressed Pusha's absence, confirming (after similar comments from Pusha's team) that the verse was cleared. The decision to not include it, he said Friday, simply came down to not feeling the long-awaited bringing together of these two icons would have been organic enough under these circumstances.

"What's so dope about it is that both verses were cleared from both parties, but like I said, it was more about the bigger picture," Ross, around 16 minutes into the discussion, said. "Is this gonna move them two getting together closer? I'mma take the charge for that. I didn't feel like this was the time for that."

Either way, Ross promised, this fan-pleasing resolution to their complicated relationship is going to happen thanks to him sparking that conversation.

"I feel like, next year, I'mma be a part of that when that Drake, Wayne, Pusha, Kanye record come together," he predicted. "I'm saying it here first." As for any remaining issues between Kanye (with whom he hasn't spoken in some time) and Drake, Ross thinks there's simply too much money on either side for those issues to truly be as dire as they're made out to be.

Kanye's widely condemned Trumpism embrace, meanwhile, is mentioned on the Port of Miami 2 track "Vegas Residency."

Check out the full interview up top, where Rick Ross also discussed the Meek Mill and Drake beef.