UPDATED 9/2, 4:50 p.m. ET: After fans reacted negatively to the new remix of the Power theme song for Season 6, 50 Cent has given into the pressure.

"The original theme song will play this Sunday coming," he wrote on Twitter. "Episode 603 I directed this episode I promise it's crazy."

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Power's theme song has been 50 Cent and Joe's "Big Rich Town." Fans found out that's changed when they tuned in to watch the show's season 6 premiere, where Joe got replaced with Trey Songz. The substitution and some other musical alterations didn't sit too well with views.

After feeling the heat, 50 Cent used his Instagram page to try to douse the flames. 

"Damn it man y’all just wanta fuck with me today, talking bout put my song back or I’m a fuck you up 50," 50 captioned a preview of his Madison Square Garden performance of the song. "Chill out alright, did you like the episode?" 

Fif followed up by claiming Power is the No. 1 rated show for its category. 

He also acknowledged that he heard Power fans and is considering changing back the theme song to the original.

Power, one of Starz's most popular shows, is ending this season after after five years on air. The season will run for a lengthened 15 episodes that will be split into two halves. Part 2 is expected to air January, though it's unknown if Trey Songz is sticking around for the ride.