Chance the Rapper has been teasing his fans with the prospect of a Coloring Book follow-up for months, and now that July is here it's finally around the corner. Although the Chicago rapper promised his album will be out sometime this month, he has yet to share a specific release date. What he has shared now, however, is a taste of what's to come.

On his Twitter, Chance shared a video that includes a preview of a new song. The tender clip is accompanied by sparse production (and, almost definitely, vocals by frequent collaborator Francis and the Lights) over which Chance exclaims, "Oh my god, think it’s the greatest day of my life/So glad you arrived." At the end, it's teased that the currently untitled album is still on the way this month: “It’s July. TBD. Pre-order now.”

Chance recently released his mixtapes Acid Rap and 10 Day on streaming services for the first time, but when they arrived there was one big change on Acid. "Juice," one of Chance's most well-loved tracks, is completely absent on the streaming version of the tape. He explained that he did intend to include the song, but ultimately the Donny Hathaway sample couldn't be cleared in time for release.

To make up for it, he included a short message to encourage his fans to take charitable action. The version of "Juice" included is a message from the rapper, in which he explains that all proceeds for the message will go to his nonprofit SocialWorks. "So run this back, and play it all the way through," he told listeners.

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