After dropping her new single "MEGATRON" and its eye-catching video, Nicki Minaj took to her Queen Radio show on Apple Music to give the Barbz what they want. She used the show as opportunity to take shots at Miley Cyrus, who recently referenced the rapper on her new track "Cattitude." On the song, she sang, "I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi."

"Perdue chicken can never talk shit about queens," Nicki said before referencing Cyrus' role on Black Mirror, in which she portrayed popstar Ashley O with a pink wig.

"Now you comin' out with pink wigs, all you bitches want to be Nicki," she said.

Now the brand itself has chimed in.

The official Perdue Chicken Twitter account, tweeted, "Thanks for the mention @NICKIMINAJ, but we don't know nothing about beef." The two musicians previously got into it in 2015, with Minaj famously calling out Cyrus at the VMAs.

It's not uncommon for brands to chime in on social media when musicians make references, but Perdue Chicken has up until this point mostly stuck to simply sharing recipes unlike Wendy's and Red Lobster.