Nicki Minaj Drags Miley Cyrus on Queen Radio: 'Perdue Chickens Can Never Talk Sh*t About Queens'

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Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj

It's a good day for the Barbz.

Hours after delivering her "MEGATRON" single and its dancehall-infused video, Nicki Minaj returned to the airwaves with a brand new installment of Queen Radio. The last episode aired more than three months ago, shortly before the rapper went on a social media hiatus. Since then, we've heard several rumors about Nicki's much-anticipated fifth studio album.

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Minutes into the episode, Nicki announced she was rescinding the "cock sucker of the day" award given to Irving Azoff, Travis Scott's manager.

After her Queen album debuted at No. 2 behind Scott's ASTROWORLD, Nicki claimed the only reason Scott secured the top spot was because his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, promoted it. She later took aim at Scott's manager, claiming he launched a smear campaign against her.

"The cock sucker of the day is Irving Azoff. And I’m gonna tell you why," she said. "Allegedly, he tried to put out a smear campaign against my tour, and contacted people in the media to spread negative things about my tour."

On today's episode, Nicki announced she and Azoff have buried the hatchet and that he is now her manager.

The rapper then opened up about her ongoing issues with the Grammys. She claimed that moments before her 2012 performance, Grammy officials told her they didn't want her to take the stage in wake of Whitney Houston's death. Nicki said she didn't understand the reasoning.

"Even then it made absolutely no sense [...] This is after I had done a bunch of commercials with L.L. Cool J to promote the Grammys [...]," she said. "After I did everything they asked, they told me not to perform. I said, 'No I'm going to perform.'"

The performance included religious imagery, and was harshly criticized by the Catholic church. Nicki said her refusal to back out of the show prompted Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich to blackball her.

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Nick then briefly touched on her beef with Miley Cyrus.

"Perdue chickens can never talk shit about queens," she said about the 26-year-old singer. "She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason. I had just seen her after she sucked Mike Will's dick in the studio."

Nicki also revealed she has plans to tie the knot soon, as she and her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, have already received their marriage license. Petty appeared in Nicki's newly released "MEGATRON" video—a cameo that was met with criticism due to his criminal background. 

As expected, Blac Chyna stopped by the studio to speak with Nicki about her upcoming reality series, threesomes, and the Khloé Kardashian-Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Chyna didn't go too deep in the latter topic, simply stating it was important not to point fingers.

Nicki's "Baps" collaborator Trina also came through. They discussed the record, Trina's The One album, and played a quick game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. 

Here's a quick recap of Trina's selections:

Fuck Kim, marry Kylie, and kill Khloé.

Nicki went to address the criticism surrounding the Nick WRLD Tour with Juice WRLD. Though the trek was plagued with technical issues and and multiple cancelations, Nicki reminded listeners that she was the only female rapper to headline an arena world tour three times. 

Nicki revealed she was also in talks to hit the road with Chris Brown, but decided to hold off until after she dropped her next album. 

"I'm not gonna have you waiting too long," she said about the forthcoming project. "I want to make things good and perfect."

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