There used to be a time when New York City's "Hip-Hop Police" was a unit that moved with so much secrecy that you only heard about their mythical existence on Chamillionaire songs. But now the law is stretching its long arm for everyone to see as it has been reported that the "Rap Unit" actively followed Remy Ma.

On Thursday, the New York Post obtained documents that detail how NYPD's Enterprise Operations Unit secretly planted over 20 plain-clothed cops to patrol Ma's March 2018 performance at Irving Plaza. Per reports, the Hip-Hop Police were keeping an eye on the rapper and her entourage member Jahmeek "Jah" Elliot. When the surveillance took place, neither Elliot nor Remy were suspects in a specific crime, but their criminal records and Elliot's alleged gang ties drew the unit's attention.

"Intel revealed that Jahmeek’s new crew association has caused tension with the ‘Mac Ballas,’ and there may be possible retaliation against [him]," the memo reads.

According to Remy Ma's lawyer Dawn Florio, the Rap Unit's actions were unnecessary, as Elliot doesn't have a close connection to her client. 

"Remy does not know Jahmeek Elliot. Never heard of him, doesn’t know him," Florio states. "She does not travel in an entourage. She travels with her husband and security guards."

Florio also condemns the "shadowy, specialized unit" for conducting "overly aggressive investigations" and "constantly stalking high-profile rap artists." Yet, NYPD spokeswoman Sgt. Jessica McRorie insists that the Enterprise Operations Unit doesn't solely target rappers, and focuses on all entertainers linked to criminal activity. 

"The Enterprise Operations Unit focuses on venues or entertainers that have been connected with past acts of violence — regardless of musical genre," McRorie explains. "The primary goal of EOU is to anticipate, based on past incidents, where there is a significant likelihood of violence, and to take steps to prevent people from being hurt, or worse."

Remy Ma is currently on bail for allegedly assaulting Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor at the same venue the Rap Unit sent agents in to monitor her 2018.