Some time in the recent past Lil Reese allegedly got jumped by a rival rapper and his crew. A snippet of said jumping, which appears to show Reese on the ground as several men hit him, was posted onto social media this past weekend. Additionally, a photo of the assault appears to show some guys going through his pockets:

News of this incident began circulating when a rapper going by Skeezy posted screenshots on the internet. Skeezy wrote "This is what happens when the so called “Chiraq Grim Reaper” @reesemoney300 plays with the wrong people 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ He ends up beat up, shittin on his self and getting all his lil money took out his pocket 💩💸🤕👊🏾 That fake tough shit never get you nowhere."

Lil Reese did address what had happened on Twitter, though he later deleted the tweet. It reportedly contained confirmation that he was jumped, though he poured water on the rest of the accusations. As he wrote, "I got jump by like 5 n***as all that other shit tell them kill the lies I got up still fighting ain't no hoe and me bro I'm dolo them n***as know them hoe ass n***as snake me." 

In another deleted tweet he reportedly also denied that a robbery took place by saying " Yea ok a jump on ain’t shit keep listening to all them lies I got 40k on me rn n**ga ain’t taking shit."  

XXL adds that, nearly two months ago, Reese had tweeted about getting jumped by five people. In following with the theme, that tweet was also deleted, but it reportedly said, "I'm fighting get jumped by 5 opps come out that bitch without a scratch pretty asl still lol bitch ass n**gas long hot summer." It went up on April 7. It's not clear if that was a reference to the same event.