Just as 03 Greedo was inching into hip-hop's forefront, the rapper was sentenced to 20 years in prison on weapons and drug charges.

Because he knew his hefty sentence was pending, Greedo pushed himself into overdrive in hopes his brand will thrive as he awaits parole. But now it appears his hard work is being used against him as he claims people are profiting off him without his consent.

On Sunday, Greedo posted a message to his Instagram page saying people within his circle are allegedly making money off his creativity but not sending him his cut. 

"It's a lot of people using my name, my page, my logo, and my image to promote there selves and not paying. All those free 03 t-shirts and drummer gang clothes and no one sends me money," the post begins. "I appreciate the love but if u gone make money off me and not put money on my books or feed my family your just taking advantage of my situation." Greedo then goes on to explain how people promise to do things that will make his time in jail more comfortable but never actually do them.

"A lot of people are trying to eat off my hardwork without paying homage or a percent. A lot of people are trying to get pieced of the money before I even get home to it," he continued. "Friends and family turning on me and taking advantage of me so a lot of people are getting cut off."