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03 Greedo won't let his legal troubles hinder his connection with fans.

The West Coast rapper is currently behind bars, serving a 20-year sentence for gun- and drug-related charges. Since his 2018 incarceration, Greedo has kept fans satisfied with a number of solo records and guest appearances. Greedo is now gearing up to release Still Summer in the Projects, a collaborative effort with Mustard that will arrive March 29. But before the MC unleashes the joint, his team is inviting fans to participate in #LetterstoGreedo, an online campaign that allows you to connect with the rapper while he's behind bars.

The initiative offers two forms of communication: Fans can tweet messages using the hashtag #LetterstoGreedo or call (432) 216-2294 to leave a voicemail. The messages will eventually appear on the campaign's official website, where they will be viewed or heard by Greedo. His team also states that the rapper will reply to some of the letters.

Fans can also show their support by purchasing #LetterstoGreedo merchandise. A T-shirt and hoodie featuring the name of the campaign are available online. Check the items out below.