UPDATED 5/29 AT 4:00 pm EST: After being ambushed by 50 Cent, actor Rotimi has taken to social media to clear the air regarding the rapper's claims that he owes him money.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram, Rotimi insists that he doesn't owe 50 Cent any cash.

"I feel like I need to address this. N****s calling me saying I owe 50 money, 50 saying I owe him money. I don't owe 50 Cent any money," Rotimi said before listing out his recent accomplishment. "Why now? Why wait until Walk With Me is no. 1 on the charts? Why would you wait until my project is no. 1 on the R&B charts to bring something up like this? I don't owe you bread."

Yet, 50 states otherwise. Shortly after Rotimi's post went public, 50 Cent added a video to his account where he gave more information on the alleged debt.

"You do owe me money," 50 said in caption. "My man you owe a outstanding balance of $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank. That's right. You owe me 300,000 thousand... You no. 1. Now, you can pay me my money."

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Since morphing into "FOFTY" 50 Cent has become worse than the IRS. The rapper has dedicated a good portion of his time to tracking down people that owe him various amounts of money and using his social media presence to bully them into paying back their debt. Now, it appears the FOFTY has found a new target as he claims Power star Rotimi has his bread. 

Like his other victims, 50 took to Instagram on Wednesday where he gave the entertainer a deadline to cough up the cash.

"Man fuck all that I want my money by Monday," 50 captioned a video of Rotimi promoting his new album. "Cash n***a where the bag at."

Of course, this was just the beginning of 50's tirade. In the following posts, the rapper referenced the success of Rotimi's album as proof the singer has the bread to pay him back.

"I want to punch this n***a nose [Rotimi] got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang," Fif wrote before continuing to use Rotimi's album as fuel for his beef. 

"Walk with you, yeah I’m a walk with you to the bank," 50 captioned a picture of the album's cover art. "I need to see that bag."

Although 50 has yet to detail the nature of Rotimi's debt, he did explain that the entertainer gave him "some" of the money. But, it seems like FOFTY wants all his bread back now that Rotimi's album is a success.

Unlike 50's previous squabbles with actors Jackie Long and Teairra Mari, Rotimi has yet to respond to Fif's antics. Yet if history is a good indicator, Rotimi will likely explain the source of their issues and pay the rapper back before the banks close on Monday.