Recently, 50 Cent has been imposing his will more than usual. This exhibition of power (especially when it comes to collecting on debts) has led fans to joke about making the rapper a de facto leader for situations in their lives. Yet like everything he does, 50 took these comments to the next level by toying with the idea of running the country. 

On Tuesday, 50 Cent posted a flyer to his Instagram to announce a mock presidential campaign. On the graphic, Fif was clear about his political direction claiming: "NO ONE WILL DARE OWE AMERICA AGAIN!... FOFTY FOR PRESIDENT." The rapper then went on to reinforce this message with the picture's caption.

"All debts will be paid by Monday," 50 wrote. "No more loans and no your not gonna see my taxes."

While he has continually pressed Teairra Mari into paying him the $30,000 she owes him, since embodying his new "Fofty" persona, 50 Cent has dedicated his Instagram to bullying people into making good on their debt to him no matter the amount. The latest example is 50 Cent going after actor Jackie Long over an alleged six-year-old incident. According to Long, 50 asked him to hold a bag containing money the rapper won at the casino. When they returned to their hotel, 50 realized $3,000 was missing from his winnings. This led 50 bringing up the incident again and wanting to collect on the money nearly a decade later.

Because that $30,000 is a far cry from the $6 million that executive producer Randall Emmett returned to him, one fan decided to repay 50 Cent the $20 he "owed" him for stealing one of his albums in fifth grade before becoming the rapper's next victim.

It is clearly a joke when 50 exhibits this type of behavior online, so it would be difficult to imagine it in the political sphere. But as his fans know, if 50 Cent took the 2020 presidential bid seriously, he’d be the only candidate well-prepared to out petty the current sitting president.