As you know, JAY-Z has always donned some heavy wristwear. So, it was only right that Hova incorporated some extravagant "watch talk" while celebrating his legacy with his B-Sides 2 concert at Webster Hall last Friday.

During a freestyle (no, not that freestyle), Jigga reminded the audience that he has mastered the art of duality by flipping several references to his expensive watch into bars about financial progression.

"I should get a [sic] for words that unify/Black and brown youth to shoot through the sky," he rapped acapella. "Blueprint on my wrist cost 2.5/Only thing that flips the script between you and I."

The fact that Hov spent $2.5 million on a watch amazed people to the point where they needed to find what this expensive piece looked like. According to GQ, JAY-Z's the blue Richard Mille 56 was alluding to was customized by the Roc Familia's personal jeweler Alex Todd. Todd reportedly spent close to 3,000 hours making the one-of-one case for the watch resulting in the gaudy grand total.


The popularity of Richard Mille watches have increased in recent years, but it should be noted that Hova has been flaunting his support for these pieces since at least 2011. On "Gotta Have It," JAY-Z sprinkled his affinity for the watch on the track's opening verse rapping "Bueller had a Mueller, but I switched to a Mille/Cause I'm richer and prior to this shit was moving free base."

The reason JAY-Z is drawn to Milles could be rooted in their low depreciation value. Per the Robb Report, Richard Mille is among one of the new, young watchmakers expected to hold its value as the company gets older. Their limited production aids in the watch keeping its resale price high and the aftermarket modifications that normally ruin wristwear only increases a Mille's aftermarket price.