Although inclement weather washed out the first day of Something in the Water festival, Pharrell was determined not to let nature ruin the inaugural event. As a result, Skateboard P pulled out all his tricks during his highly anticipated set. He tapped his very talented friends to shock the audience with unannounced appearances, including a surprise performance from the God M.C. himself, JAY-Z

Pharrell and Jigga have created some of the most praised songs in their respective discographies. For Pharrell, this is evident through their song "Frontin'." So he decided to use the flamboyant falsetto anthem as a perfect segue to have Hova come bless the stage. 

After spitting his short verse, JAY-Z took the liberty of taking control of the stage. Jigga followed "Frontin'" with The Black Album standout "PSA." While he delivered a handful of fan favorites, JAY-Z used "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" to pay homage to Pharrell's hometown allowing the Virginia Beach crowd to soak the opening lines of "H to the Izz-O, V to the Izz-A, Fo Shizzle, my nizzle used to dribble down in VA."

JAY-Z's pop-up performance at SITW was a complete 180 from the show he did the night before. On Friday, Hova re-opened New York City's Webster Hall by using the venue for the second installment of his B-Sides concert series. Although his B-Sides are arguably more popular than some artists' singles, they peril in comparison to the hits he performed at SITW.

Still, the show became the talk of the internet as JAY-Z shared the stage with former foes Nas and Cam'ron while paying tribute to the late-Nipsey Hussle with an exclusive freestyle.