French Montana’s 2013 song “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” has landed the rapper in some hot water, TMZ reports.

A lawsuit claims that while the song features French’s voice and lyrics, the beat was allegedly made by someone else. Eddie Lee Richardson, aka Hotwire the Producer, is claiming French took a song that he had released the year before “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” dropped.

Hotwire says he uploaded his track “*Hood* Pushin' Weight” on SoundClick in 2012, as an instrumental with a “unique and artistic array of digital sounds and rhythms.” The suit alleges that his version was “tagged” with one repeating vocal, “Hotwire.” He says it was a way to make sure no one stole his work.

French’s song released in April 2013 and Hotwire claims the music is exactly the same as “*Hood* Pushin' Weight.” The only thing French did was add the vocals.

Hotwire is now suing French for $5 million.

In early March, it was revealed that French Montana is also involved in a lawsuit for Fat Joe's 2016 hit with Remy Ma, “All the Way Up.” Florida artist Fly Havana filed a federal suit in New York alleging that his own “unfinished version” of the song, which also features French and Infared, is “identical” to Fat Joe's 2016 song. According to court docs, Havana made note of the alleged similarities in melody, flow, and general composition.

Complex has reached out to French Montana’s rep for comment.