Chance The Rapper has been pretty busy lately. In addition to his continual community activism, he has also gotten married and is expecting a new addition to his growing family. Yet, despite wearing many hats, it appears the Chicago native has jumped back into the studio putting all his focus into finishing his debut album.

On Wednesday, Chance took to Instagram where he announced that he is now officially in album mode. 

In the lengthy caption, Chance admits being away from his hometown has been hard, but nothing gives him greater happiness than being immersed in the creative process.

"I obviously miss Chicago and family and working on other stuff," Chance wrote. "But there's no joy like making a project."

He also advises the fans that are excited for his upcoming album to express gratitude to his pregnant wife for giving him the green light to finish up recording.

"Y'all should thank Kristen cause she don't got to share me wit NOBODY," Chance explains. "But she knows what I do and is handling this pregnancy and our family with so much grace."

In addition to showing his admiration for his wife, Chance says his debut album will be on par with his other classic projects, stating that sometimes he forgets he's "so, so good" at making music.