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Chance the Rapper dug deep into the psyches of his followers, taking to Twitter to pose a series of questions that attempted to peel back the conventions of science

What started as a typical day of Chance subtly promoting his upcoming album suddenly turned into an odd-but-interesting dialogue between the artist and his fans. The conversation began when he tweeted "So yall think shit been goin on for a billion years? Idk." This sparked a lengthy exchange with Twitter users, taking everyone down a serious rabbit hole. 

Chance challenged those responding to embrace their skepticism of anything they're told as well as using their resources to form their own beliefs. 

The dialogue seemed to be based in fun and pure inquisitiveness. In fact, Chance never downed one specific person for offering a response. Instead, he either asked them a question to better understand their points of view or commended them on their answers. 

After ending things with a hilarious tweet asking if science, your mom, or your dominant hand is always right, Chance reinstated the harmlessness of his tweets as to not offend anyone or their beliefs.