A video of what many perceived to be J. Cole getting attacked started circulating on Twitter recently, with countless tweets sharing the video. While it's hard to make out the individuals involved in the brawl, someone featured in the clip certainly looks a lot like the rapper. However, Cole's manager Ibrahim H. insists that it definitely isn't him.

Ibrahim responded to one of the viral tweets about the clip, saying, "Huh?? bro that's not Cole. I'm assuming the original post was suppose to be a joke." He clarified the situation further in a follow-up tweet, writing, "Man y'all gotta stop hitting my mentions about this video of that Cole look alike getting punched. I cant front though I had to do a double take too when I first saw it. n***a Cole stay with look a likes all across the world."

Recently Dreamville and J. Cole confirmed the lineup for their Dreamville festival, with everyone from 21 Savage to SZA set to perform. The festivities will go down April 6.

Meanwhile, fans won't have to wait much longer for Revenge of the Dreamers III, the third compilation album from Dreamville. It's currently scheduled to drop in April, and there's a good chance it could launch to coincide with the festival.