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Not too long ago, the Game previewed a new song in which he took shots at Joe Budden's fiancée Cyn Santana. Shortly after, Budden told Game, "Watch your f*cking mouth." Realizing he touched a nerve, Game doubled down on his comments. "You can't sue nobody for discovering the p*ssy before you," he wrote. "I turned you into an on air personality."

Freddie Gibbs has now chimed in and called out the 39-year-old Compton rapper.

"Everybody fucked somebody before," a Twitter user replied to the Game's boast. In response, Gibbs tweeted, "Right, blood been corny tho so why we surprised?" 

While Game and Gibbs haven't had public issues, they did previously work together on Game's 2014 track "Hit Em Hard." The controversial track in which he alleges he slept with Santana still hasn't been released yet. In the same preview snippet, he also claimed he slept with Kim Kardashian and had video evidence. 

Meanwhile, the West Coast rapper has also been embroiled in a back-and-forth with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren. "You’re a racist slut who sucked & swallowed her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame," the rapper said. Lahren responded by dragging 50 Cent into the fight.