The Game has been on the offense recently, throwing names around with reckless abandon. But now he's revisiting one of his older feuds by shading Joe Budden. In a yet-to-be-released song, Game took shots at Budden's fiancé Cyn Santana, and in response Budden told him, "Watch your f*cking mouth."

Realizing he touched a nerve, Game doubled down on his Instagram story. "@JoeBudden You can't sue nobody for discovering the p*ssy before you. #christophercolumbusheadassn*gga #indianswasthere1st​​​​​​​," he wrote. He then added: "I turned you into an on air personality n***a! Enjoy retirement p*ssy (Quavo voice)."

Game says he slept with Santana years ago. He also recently claimed he and Kim Kardashian smashed.


Oop!! #TheGame has a message for #JoeBudden 👀

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Speaking about Game's unreleased song on The Joe Budden Podcast, the host brushed off the comments as childish. "The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, 'N***a, so what?' What type of loser, face-ass n***a is you, n***a? I don't give two f*cks about what anyone did before I was involved with them. To me, that's more loser shit."

Budden has extensive experience when it comes to rap beefs, but he was personally offended that Game didn't reach out to him beforehan because they put their differences aside after their last feud. "You didn't say it to me. You said it in a song. And you can call me, Game," he added. "You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your f*cking mouth, man."