A good portion of America sat down to watch the Super Bowl last night, but Rihanna definitely wasn't among them. While the game was unfolding, RiRi was mid-flight. After overhearing one of the other passengers asking how they could watch the game on the plane, the singer posted an Instagram Story to let it be known that she's not a fan of the NFL.

She followed it up by posting a video of her labeling the man who asked the question a "weirdo." Considering she reportedly turned down an offer to perform during the halftime show, it's not surprising that Rihanna had such a visceral reaction to the man's request.

In another post, she explained why she thought the guy wanting to watch the Super Bowl mid-flight was so weird. Alongside an image of Colin Kaepernick kneeling, she wrote, "For those of you who thought I was watchin' Super Bowl... We beefin.'" 

Rihanna is reportedly in the process of readying her long-awaited ninth studio album, with frequent collaborator The-Dream confirming that the record is "about done."