People with nothing better to do Sunday night apparently decided to whip up a would-be King Push reaction to Drake's Grammy win for Best Rap Song. Expectedly, the misleading reaction shot of Complex's 2018 Best Rapper Alive still inspired a litany of jokes even in the face of it not actually being the surgical summer continuation it's purported to be.

As others who actually watched the full broadcast of the 61st annual Grammy Awards have likely already spotted, the Pusha reaction that's circulating actually went down during the night's Motown tribute featuring Jennifer Lopez and more.

Here's the reaction used in a more truthful, Drakeless context:

And here's the full Motown tribute in question, with Pusha's reaction shot coming in around the 6:35 mark:

And here it is in GIF form; the second audience shot is the Push shot:

Pusha T
GIF via Grammys

Indeed, the G.O.O.D. Music president (and only president of any kind currently worth acknowledging) hasn't shared any public thoughts or less-than-subtle reaction shots in response to Drake's "God's Plan" win. The acceptance speech itself, however, was the subject of much controversy after it was abruptly cut short mid-inspiration. Per sources close to the proceedings, Grammys producers have since blamed the cutoff on a moment they perceived as a "natural pause."

Pusha's incredible DAYTONA was up for Best Rap Album, an honor that ultimately took a history-making turn with Cardi B's debut studio album Invasion of Privacy. 

Prior to this weekend's ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Pusha said being named Best Rapper Alive was special to him for a trifecta of reasons. "As a rapper, as a lyricist, as a writer—that's near and dear to my heart," he said on the red carpet.

While we wait for the manifestation of my previously proposed King Push rework of Drake's "Summer Games," let's cope with an assortment of tweeted jokes about that Grammys reaction shot hoax.