In recent years, JAY-Z and Beyoncé's pre and/or post-event parties have become more popular than the ceremonies they're meant to commemorate. This year's Oscars were no different. The power couple put together an extravagant 2019 post-Oscars bash that was stacked with A-list talent. 

Like anything involving the Carters, the celebration was closed to the public, and was one of the most desirable invites of the evening. While the guestlist was ultra-secretive, a source that attended the party offered E! News a rare glimpse into the night's festivities. 

"The party was completely A-list. Guests began arriving around midnight and they didn't leave until about 5 a.m. and later," the source told E! "It was the party everyone wanted to be at it seems."

Some of the guests reportedly included Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Jamie Foxx, Adele, Drake, Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Evans, Katy Perry, and more. Even Bey's old Destiny's Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland, made an appearance, and the two reportedly hung out all night.

"They both were drinking and smiling," the source revealed. "Beyoncé seemed relaxed like she felt she could let loose for a night."

As expected, Beyoncé and Jigga kept the slaps true to their taste. The night's playlist featured an assortment of hip-hop tracks mixed in with classic Beyoncé singles. There was also a sprinkle of current favorites like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. 

This adds to Hov and Bey's flawless track record of putting together the most popping industry events. Not only has the couple single-handedly made the Roc Nation Brunch an Instagram holiday, but they've also wowed their peers with their other Grammy-centric celebrations. And after putting their personal stamp on Sunday's Oscars, it looks like Hollywood's biggest night will never be the same again.