English musician Geoff Barrow is distancing himself from Lil Pump's latest single "Racks on Racks."

Days after the 18-year-old rapper released the track, Barrow posted a series of tweets claiming the song included an authorized sample of "The Alien"—an instrumental he and Ben Salisbury recorded for the Annihilation soundtrack.

"Who is Lil Pump?" the Beak and Portishead member wrote. "He's used mine and @Benjaminsal Annihilation score in his deeply f**king sexist song [...] Just so you know we didn’t give clearance. As 2 fathers of daughters this s**t needs to seriously fuck off."

"Racks on Racks" will appear Pump's fast-approaching Harverd Dropout project. The song, produced by Diamond Pistols and Diablo, includes explicit lyrics like, "Fuck a b**h once say, 'Now I'm finished' [...] Show me your titties/Ugly a** hoes cannot come kick it."

Barrow later explained he was not seeking royalties or even a credit in "Racks on Racks"; he just wanted to let the world know he did not approve of Pump using his material.

"We don't expect any royalties and copyright infringement is not our issue," he said in a statement to Pitchfork. "We want people to know that in no way have we granted the use of our music to be used on a track that is so terribly degrading to young woman. As fathers and firm supporters of the #MeToo movement, we are amazed how tracks like this are not called out by the media for this reason. I know people will try and call us out as old fuckers and the music ain’t for us and they would be right but misogamy is still bulls**t whatever age you are."

Complex has reached out to both Pump and Diablo's representatives for comment.