Nicki Minaj just dropped her video for "Hard White" Friday, and she's already got fans speculating on what some of the imagery means. One part of the video in particular is receiving a lot of attention, with an appearance of a dismembered scorpion briefly flashing on screen at the 1:32 point of the video. Of course, fans think this is a diss and Drake and his 2019 album, Scorpion.

In December, people began noticing that Drizzy and Nicki were no longer following each other on Instagram, sparking speculation that the two were no longer friends. It's not entirely clear when they stopped following each other, but it's starting to sound like not everything as good between them as it used to be. The torn-apart Scorpion definitely lends some weight to that theory, too.

While the scorpion only appears for a brief moment, fans have latched onto it. It's not the only thing people are talking about, however, as some have thought that she's also addressing her beef with Cardi B, and taking a shot at the Grammys.

The Grammys reference, unlike the other two, is fairly obvious. The dead bird symbolizing Cardi, however? Maybe a stretch.

Check out some of the responses to the video speculating on the possible shots thrown below.