6ix9ine is paying a hefty sum to make sure his mother remains safe while he cooperates with the feds and continues to spill his co-defendants’ secrets, TMZ reports.

Since his arrest in November, 6ix9ine has dropped thousands of dollars to provide personal security for his mother. He’s particularly worried that anyone looking for revenge could hurt her in the process. His lawyer, Dawn Florio, told TMZ, “6ix9ine has the means to pay for his family's private security, so the government expects the money to come out of [his] pocket to protect his closest family members.” She also said that the government would become involved if he can’t afford security.

On January 23rd, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty in the federal racketeering case against him. It was also revealed that he was cooperating against people who were (until recently) his co-defendants. There’s a drug charge as well, specifically centering around his plan to sell a kilogram of heroin (or, as the plea artfully puts it, “mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of heroin”), and firearm offenses too.

The 22-year-old artist faces a minimum of 47 years behind bars as of now, but it seems likely he’ll get less in exchange for his cooperation with the government. It also means that 6ix9ine is responsible only for what the Nine Trey Bloods did from when he met them in 2017, up until his arrest in 2018. His sentencing date is set for Jan. 24, 2020.