6ix9ine's Baby Mama Speaks Out After Rapper's Guilty Plea: 'I'm Left to Pick Up the Pieces'

Sara Molina told TMZ her family is now at risk.

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The mother of 6ix9ine's 3-year-old daughter has responded to the rapper's recent guilty plea.

Hours after it was confirmed 6ix9ine had pleaded guilty to nine counts in his federal crime case, Sara Molina spoke to TMZ about her ex-boyfriend's legal battle and the way it has harmed their family. She told the outlet she was disappointed with the entire situation, and said she believed she and her daughter were now at risk.

"He did what he did. He made his bed and now he has to lie in it," Molina explained. "But he didn't think of how it's going to effect others. He's only thinking about himself in this situation. I'm left to pick up the pieces of whatever mess he's made, which is and has always been a thing."

Molina also expressed her hesitations about allowing 6ix9ine to re-enter his daughter's life.

"Until I feel like he's in a space in life and in a solid situation, I can't feel comfortable allowing him to bring whatever he has with him into my daughter's life," she said. "My job is to protect my daughter at all costs even if that means him."

The Dummy Boy rapper not only copped to a slew charges—including drug trafficking, racketeering, and firearm offenses—he also reportedly dimed-out his co-defendants. 6ix9ine could be facing a mandatory minimum 47 years in prison, but because of his cooperation with investigators, he's expected to receive leniency when he is sentenced Jan. 24, 2020.

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