Adrien Broner's fight against Manny Pacquiao didn't go quite as he was expecting, with Broner later saying he believed he was the real winner. He promptly got clowned on Twitter for his refusal to accept defeat, and now he's got both Soulja Boy and Tee Grizzley angry with him, too.

On Instagram Live after the fight, Soulja Boy asked his crew who won. "Pacquiao won the fight?" he asked. "Pacquiao?! Pacquiao won the fight?! AB call me, bro. I just lost $100K. ... What the fuck." He even asked his crew in disbelief, "Y'all not playin' with me?" Clearly he's not happy with Broner's L.

"AB what hood you doing that shit for bro?" Tee Grizzley asked Broner, referencing his post-fight interview in which he remarked, "I did this for the hood." Grizzley revealed that he put money down for Pacquiao to lose, too. "I just lost 20 racks fuckin' with you," he said. 

Pacquiao won the fight in a unanimous decision, but Broner wasn't having any of it. During an interview with Jim Gray after the fight, Gray said the boxer was 3-3-1 in his last seven fights, prompting Broner to say he could easily go 7-0 against him. "Well, that wouldn't mean much," Gray responded.