Nick Cannon and Kanye West have had their differences in the past, but they reportedly squashed their ongoing beef back in September 2018. Their back and forth stemmed over Cannon entertaining the idea that Kim Kardashian was romantically involved with Drake at some point. The two have since made amends, but during a new interview with Raq Rants host Raquel Harper, Cannon has suggested that he could win in a fight between him and Ye.

When asked who he thinks would win in a fight, he responds, "Who do you think?" before laughing it off. "Hopefully it never would have to get to that... But for conversation sake you see that gym over there, we ain't playing around." It's definitely a playful response as Cannon doesn't seem that interested in re-sparking beef. 

Cannon also talked about the idea of a fight between Drake and Ye. "Kanye got more fire than Drake," he explained. "Drake ain't built like that."

Recently, Cannon apologized for working with R. Kelly on his 2003 song "Gigolo."

"After much self reflection and meditation, I have to be one the first to admit that in my past I’ve DEFINITELY turned a blind eye to a lot of darkness in this industry," he wrote on Instagram. "He went on. I have personally witnessed it and will no longer be silent about it. It’s not dry snitching, it’s a paradigm shift."