The official Wiggy-directed video for Lil Peep's latest Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2 single "16 Lines," produced by frequent collaborator Smokeasac, is out now.

Though an earlier version of the track surfaced in June 2017, followed months later by a slightly different version of Wiggy's video, the track was tweaked for inclusion on Peep's posthumously released Come Over When You're Sober sequel. "The last conversation that I had with Peep was on his tour bus, and we were talking about Pt. 2," Smokeasac told Complex back in November.

Up top, catch the official "16 Lines" video.

As longtime fans already know, the first person to buy a beat from Smokeasac was Peep way back in 2014. For the first three months after Peep's death in November 2017 due to an overdose, Smokeasac told Complex, he didn't even look at his laptop "or make music or anything." However, he knew the moment would come. The results were met with immediate critical acclaim, with the album ultimately landing on multiple year-end lists.

For the previously released "Runaway" video, Peep’s mother mother Liza Womack linked with Steven Mertens to incorporate some of Peep’s personal collection of animations. "The story of the video is just, simply, Gus wanted to leave L.A. but he didn't want to move back to Long Beach, even though he loved his mother and his dog and his brother," Womack told Genius. "It's also in the castle that he had dreamed up and planned to be able to buy, build, and create for his friends and collaborators."