Smokeasac has responded to the recent swath of rumors regarding another entry in Lil Peep's Come Over When You're Sober series, part two of which was released earlier this month to critical and commercial acclaim. As longtime fans know, COWYS has always been spoken of as a two-part experience. However, some have recently started questioning Smokeasac and others about a purported COWYS Pt. 3. Over the weekend, Smokeasac reaffirmed that no such thing exists.

"This is fake bullshit," Smokeasac said in response to a fan who shared a screenshot of a Genius listing for Pt. 3. Later, Smokeasac added that "there is still unreleased music from Peep" set to come, which we previously learned in a New York Times profile.

Smokeasac, of course, stands as one of Peep's most frequent collaborators. He produced or co-produced every single track on both COWYS Pt. 1 and COWYS Pt. 2, and also contributed to earlier Peep work including Hellboy and more. In fact, Peep was the first artist to ever purchase one of Smoke's beats way back in 2014.

"If I had to work with another producer, somebody that didn't know Peep, I would have probably lost my mind," Smoke recently told Complex of working with George Astasio on COWYS Pt. 2. "I would have actually gone crazy, but George was there to support me."

The posthumous album opened at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, marking Peep's first appearance in the top 10.

Rest in Peep.