Today marks what would have been the 22nd birthday of the late Lil Peep, whose posthumous Come Over When You're Sober sequel drops next Friday. In celebration of the proven innovator's life and legacy, Columbia and Peep's team have shared a new track titled "Runaway," featuring production from frequent collaborator Smokeasac.

The song serves as the second track on Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2, the 11-track follow-up to Peep's 2017 debut studio album.

"COWYS Pt. 2 is a powerful collection of songs," Liza Womack, Peep's mother, previously said of the new songs when announcing their release last month. "Once again, Gus' lyrics tell it like it is.  I knew it was going to be the album we wanted to hear when [Smokeasac] previewed a few of the songs for me this summer. Because Gus had such an indominable work ethic, and commitment to getting things right, we are blessed with another chance to hear his voice —interwoven with the production of two of his trusted music collaborators. I am grateful to them for shouldering through in order to finalize the work. I know it represents a labor of love."

For the new "Runaway" video, Womack collaborated with Steve Mertens. 

"It has allowed me to make something beautiful for my son—in his honor," she told Complex in a statement. "Early in the process, many of us agreed that 'Runaway' would be a great song to release as a single for COWYS 2.  It is a powerful song that tells the story of how Gus—aka Lil Peep—had decided to leave his apartment in LA, but he didn't want to come home to live in Long Beach, either.  So, he had gone to stay in London. That was a productive and happy time for him, working with friends like Smokeasac and ILoveMakonnen. This video tells that part of Gus's story.

As Womack explains, the video utilizes actual drawings from Peep to show his transformation. "The story is told using many of Gus's drawings, from different periods of his life," she said. "After transforming into the wonderful 'flaming-haired' character that Gus drew himself, he flies away from LAX to London—to make music with some of his best friends. I know you will enjoy watching it.  You will see different things each time you watch.  His drawings.  His tattoos.  His friends.  The house where he really lived.  And his dog Taz, the 'legend.'"

Watch the "Runaway" video up top via YouTube and/or stream the track below via Apple Music.

Last month, we got the album's lead single "Cry Alone." 

By way of a respectfully approached New York Times piece, we also recently learned that both more new music and a feature-length documentary are in the works. The documentary, the report noted, will see Oscar-nominated writer/director (and friend of Peep's family) Terrence Malick aboard in an executive producer capacity.