CyHi the Prynce has been provoking Joe Budden for a while now, but the retired rapper and now podcaster hasn't really paid the continued attacks any mind. In the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, he's finally responded, making it clear where he stands.

"CyHi don't want no fucking Joe Budden smoke," he exclaimed just past the 54:00 mark of the newest episode. "When Joe get some time and if he put a record out, that would be the end of him. The only n***a who wants smoke with Joe is Lil B, that's it. All these other n****s... I don't give a fuck what you talking 'bout, n***a." From there he continued to avoid using his indoor voice, yelling about how he doesn't think CyHi would want to engage in a back and forth with him.

"This podcast will take a two month break and I will put CyHi's ass in the ground off of retirement," he said, calling an end to the conversation. "Of course he can rap [but] he can't rap with me. ... We here for a podcast, stop getting me in music shit."