CyHi the Prynce Challenges Joe Budden to $500K Rap Battle: 'I Will End His Rap and Podcast Career'

CyHi reiterated his challenge via Twitter on Tuesday, saying, "Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career."

CyHi the Prynce

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CyHi the Prynce

What would it take to get Joe Budden back on the mic? Half a milli, it seems.

After getting a not-so-flattering name drop on Budden’s podcast, CyHi the Prynce called out the outspoken broadcaster in a promotional Team Backpack cypher for the 2018 A3C Festival:

I don’t need a Xanny or a shot of brandy/To murder a n***a, playin’ me like I’m cotton candy/Get ya kids napped, tell ’em pop the nanny/Turn your house into The Adams Family/Whoa, you wanna know what I just thought about?/I think that I should’ve been in Slaughterhouse/Leave you with a ribeye tryna clown me/Boy, I knock the legs off a cow just to ground beef/So call Backpack or Smack and tell ’em set it up/And anyone who wanna bring a half a mill, we can bet it up."

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Budden was seemingly intrigued by CyHi’s challenge, claiming he might come out of retirement for the proposed cash prize.

“CyHi, I have a million dollars, and I’ll clean your ass up. You can’t come to the party with that. ... I’m retired; I’m not replying to none of these n***as. ... But half a mill, track for track? Of course, we gotta do that,” Budden said on his eponymous pod. “Any rapper that money has been on the line for—nah, they never really put it up. ... I don’t think that CyHi has $500,000 of disposable income." Budden added, "I want my half a mill, I don’t want to lose it.”

Though Budden is understandably hesitant, the fans are eager to see the rappers go head-to-head. On Tuesday, CyHi responded to a Twitter comment supporting his challenge. The No Dope on Sundays MC said Budden was “my guy,” but claimed the battle would cause some serious damage to Budden’s music and podcast career.

Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career I’m the wrong 1 to play with but if he wants to put 500k up let’s get it and we doing it face to face too so you can look the GOD in his eyes while I take your SOUL and we call pay per view and we can double it! I got Sponsors

— CYHI (@CyhiOfficial) October 2, 2018

This sparked a mild back-and-forth between the two, who exchanged several jabs that included accusations of haterism and selling out.

Budden has yet to formally accept the challenge, but CyHi is clearly ready for him to set something up. While we hold our collective breath for confirmation, you can check out some of their tweets below.

You don’t even believe this lol

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) October 2, 2018

Don’t LOL me let’s get it you’ve done this with hallow the don before right?? Set it up In NJ NY Philly whatever city you feel like you’ll get the most support in and I’m with it!!!

— CYHI (@CyhiOfficial) October 2, 2018

He wasn’t a hater then

— CYHI (@CyhiOfficial) October 2, 2018

Let’s get it Say no more @SMACKWHITE @urltv @teambackpack @teambackpackesp @RealSway @cthagod @Eminem Yooo Smack let’s get this done same platform

— CYHI (@CyhiOfficial) October 2, 2018

He set up the last event I’m coming to get a bag if I’m taking time outta my career it’s going cost some people

— CYHI (@CyhiOfficial) October 2, 2018

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