Dame Dash is sending a message to Hot 97: Get rid of Funkmaster Flex ... or pay the price.

The beef between Dame and Flex escalated this month after Dame spoke about JAY-Z's alleged relationship with an underaged Foxy Brown. Though Dame didn't confirm the rumors, he also didn't deny them. This prompted Flex to criticize the hip-hop mogul on social media, calling him a "disgrace" to their era, while also blasting Dame's failed marriage to Rachel Roy, a fashion designer who once interned at Rocawear.

"Dame intern/wife took all his s**t!" Flex wrote.

Dame caught wind of Flex's comments—and let's just say he wasn't too thrilled.

During an interview with Kenyatta Griggs last week, Dame accused Flex of crossing the line by bringing up Roy, the mother of his daughter Ava. 

"So, like, with the career c**n Funkmaster Flex, I heard he was talkin' things about [Ava's] mom," Dame said. "[...] I don't think he understands the collateral damage of, you know, talkin' about people and trying to prove a point publicly [...] This is my daughter. This is a beautiful soul, pure."

Dame continued: "There's certain lines you just don't cross. You know the one thing that will get a man out of pocket is when you mess with his children. So you have to think, 'Damn, he would to hurt my child just to get me out of pocket [...] I think people should tread lightly and be very careful because if someone does get out of pocket, then what's going to happen? Because I'm not losing at nothing, especially when it comes to her."

The Roc-a-Fella co-founder re-addressed Flex's comments via Instagram on Wednesday, posting a couple of videos he and Ava filmed following the Griggs interview. Each clip was accompanied by a lengthy caption in which Dame directed vague legal threats at Hot 97. 

"I'm letting you know now we have a problem but Im not dealing with a slave I'm gonna deal with your master @hot97 and Jeff Smulyan [the CEO of Hot 97's parent company, Emmis Communications]," Dame wrote. "Your slave has gone to far on your behalf and it's gonna cost you. I suggest y'all holla at me before I holla at y'all. It will be cheaper ... but I suggest you bench your slave before he cost y'all more. Trust me."

You can read Dame's full comments below.