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6ix9ine's ill-fated video shoot with Kanye West and Nicki Minaj continues to haunt him. TMZ has acquired footage of him sounding panicked as he sits in an SUV following the shooting.

"ID me? I can't," he's heard telling his handler. "I'm on probation.... Tell [the cops] I'm not here."  Just prior to the November incident, 6ix9ine avoided jail time for his 2015 child sex case on the condition he avoid "gang-related activities." Instead he was sentenced to four years probation, which is probably why the Dummy Boy rapper was eager to leave the scene.

The incident in question went down near Alpine Drive by a Beverly Hills mansion, where "at least 10 shots" were fired at the video shoot. Kanye left almost immediately after the incident while Nicki hadn't arrived. Cops found a 9mm and some rifle rounds in the alley where the two unknown gunmen opened fire on the mansion.

A little over a week after the shooting, 6ix9ine and his former manager were arrested on racketeering and gun charges. He's remained behind bars as evidence to keep him there piles up. Federal prosecutors are currently reviewing footage of 6ix9ine possibly implicating himself in an unsolved New York shooting which that Chief Keef and his cousin Tadoe.