Ah, yes. The finest entry in the Carpool Karaoke franchise has arrived. 

Tuesday night, Migos joined one of the late night Jimmys to drive around Los Angeles while running through car-based karaoke renditions of some of their most essential catalog entries. Discussion-wise, the Georgia trio were asked fairly early into the proceedings about the history of the dab.

"Dabbin' is really swaggin," Quavo said. "'Look at my dab' was like 'look at my swag.' That was a new word for swag and people took that one word and made it a whole dance and kinda made the word dab be a dance." One of the late night Jimmys then confessed to feeling "slightly responsible" for ruining the dab, a bit with which no one in the car seemed to disagree.

Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset then ran through "Walk It Talk It," Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," "Bad and Boujee," and "MotorSport." Speaking briefly on the usually-featuring-Uzi "Bad and Boujee," this particular late night Jimmy asked about the purported benefits of having sex to the Culture single. "You might wanna watch it," Quavo advised. "You might end up with 10 kids."

Elsewhere, Migos took the host to the MM6 shop in Los Angeles to do some shopping before —in what is certainly my personal favorite moment in Carpool Karaoke history—putting their own spin on the unifying Neil Diamond classic "Sweet Caroline."

Neil Diamond even approved!

Enjoy all 14 minutes of this via the video up top, then catch Migos reworking some Narcos below: