Back in August, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office requested rapper 6ix9ine—birth name Daniel Hernandez—spend time behind bars and be registered as a sex offender after violating the terms of his plea deal. In response, Hernandez and his team argued that terms of the plea agreement, made in 2015 after pleading guilty to one count of using a child in a sexual performance, expired in 2017.

Now in a letter obtained by Complex dated Sept. 21, Assistant District Attorney Sara Weiss argues against 22-year-old Hernandez’s claim, bolstering the D.A.’s prior request ahead of his sentencing hearing later this month. This letter highlights the various ways the “Fefe” rapper violated the terms of his plea agreement, and reinforced the possibility of prison time.

Weiss explains in the letter that 6ix9ine’s plea agreement was not subject to expiration, as his team claimed, because it required he “commits no new crimes prior to the sentencing date.” This crucial part of the agreement stings in light of the fact that it was 6ix9ine who pushed back his sentencing date several times. Had he not, he might have been able to head to court before his various new violations took place.

“It was the defendant's own failure to obtain a GED, and his numerous requests for additional time to do so, that resulted in multiple adjournments and caused a lengthy delay in the sentencing date,” the letter reads.

Those other violations include his two May arrests in New York for aggravated unlicensed driving in the third degree and an outstanding warrant for his alleged assault in Houston from January.

Because of these violations, and his self-proclaimed gang involvement, the D.A. reiterates its argument that Hernandez should be tried as an adult facing one to three years in prison. “In addition to and separate from the commission of the crimes discussed above, defendant's acknowledged membership in a violent Bloods set known as 9 Trey Bloods, along with an incident of gun violence perpetrated by this defendant's entourage, make him an inappropriate candidate for adjudication as a Youthful Offender,” Weiss writes.

6ix9ine’s sentencing hearing has been pushed back three weeks from its original Oct. 3 date. At that time, the judge will decide how much time behind bars, if any, the rapper should face.