It seems 6ix9ine’s music career could be in jeopardy.

On Aug. 3, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office submitted letter to the court, recommending a one-to-three year prison sentence for the controversial rapper. Prosecutors say 6ix9ine—legal name Daniel Hernandez—violated the terms of a plea deal stemming from his 2015 child sex charges. The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance in exchange for a no-jail sentence; however, the D.A. says 6ix9ine failed to abide by the terms, as he has been arrested multiple times since the plea was accepted.

The letter read: “Defendant has had over two years to demonstrate to this Court that the role he played in the sexual exploitation of a thirteen-year-old child was an aberration in his otherwise law abiding life. He has failed to do so.

6ix9ine has since been arrested on two different occasions: He was placed behind bars after he allegedly choked a teenager at a Texas mall in January, and landed in jail again after he was caught driving without a license in May; 6ix9ine was also accused of assaulting a police officer in the latter incident. The rapper has also failed to obtain his GED as required by the plea agreement.

Furthermore, prosecutors claim 6ix9ine is “now a self-admitted member of a violent gang called the 9 Trey Bloods,” and has continued to promote a violent culture on social media.

According to The Blast, prosecutors also want 6ix9ine to register as a sex offender. The letter reads in part, “[Hernandez was] sentenced as an adult for the crime he committed against a child and accept the consequences of that conviction, including registration under the Sexual Offender Registration Act.”

At his court appearance, Defense lawyers Ian Niles and Lance Lazzaro asked for more time to respond to the persecutor's allegations. The rapper’s sentencing hearing is set for Oct. 2.