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A man convicted of stalking Lana Del Rey in Orlando has been sentenced to one year in prison. According to WESH 2 News, Michael Shawn Hunt pleaded no contest to the stalking charge as part of a plea deal.  

Hunt was arrested back in February near the Amway Center, after the Orlando Police Department was notified of threats he made against Lana on Facebook. One of the posts read, “Lana and I will be together, I will likely be going on the rest of her tour with her." After finding Hunt’s page and confirming his threats against the singer were credible, police tracked him down and found him a block away from the venue where Lana was performing carrying two tickets and a knife.  

After Hunt was arrested, police found that his “criminal history revealed 61 felony convictions from drugs to violent crimes." He was hit with an aggravated stalking charge and weapons charges, but those were dropped thanks to the plea deal.

Prosecutor Kelly Hicks argued that Hunt’s Facebook posts indicated "he intended to be with Lana Del Rey against her consent and clearly the reason why he would do this would be to either inflict bodily harm or terrorize her, in the state's opinion.”

However, Hunt denied his intention to hurt the singer. “There's nothing in it that sounded derogatory or mean, nothing that says I was gonna harm anybody,” he argued. “Did I wanna see her? Yes I admitted that to you. Do I care for her? Yes. Do I know her? No, I only know her from her songs."

Hunt was denied bond and has been waiting in prison for his sentencing. He will get credit for the 245 days he’s already served, meaning his one-year sentence is nearly complete.