I don't think there was any question that Beloved brothers Styles P and Dave East could rap, but it's still impressive to hear the pair rap off-the-cuff. The New York MCs dropped by Funk Flex's Hot 97 studio to spit some verses for Flex's freestyle series.

While both rappers were great, there's almost no doubt that the line folks are going to focus on is Dave East mentioning Nicki Minaj. East's line follows Quavo's lead with his song-length call-out "Huncho Dreams."

"Nicki tried to holla, I'm just trying to make my album," East said. It should be noted that East didn't sound like he was saying that out of spite.

Give part one of their freestyle a listen up top.

Styles P and Dave East recently dropped a joint project called Beloved and shared the video for "We Got Everything." But beyond reliably dropping tracks that sound like aural Timberlands, the pair can be counted on to share knowledge about what does and doesn't fly. Styles recently took offense to Drake's assertion that there's rules in rap battles. 

"You can’t expect in any type of warfare, any type, not just rap, ain’t no rules,” Styles told Hot 97. “You gotta go into it knowing anything could happen. That’s why your best bet is to not engage. Stay away from beef at all costs.”

“I don’t got nothing against Drake, but how does a guy say what’s the rules in a rap battle that had a ghostwriter before," Styles continued. "That’s not fair dog...We love you up there. But don’t come down here and change the rules. That’s wrong because it’s war.”